Edith Rankin Memorial United Church

A United Church of Canada congregation located in the west end of the city of Kingston, Ontario, we strive to be a caring, friendly, inclusive presence in our community. We seek to discover and live out the “Good News” of Christ within our community of faith, our neighbourhood and our world. Here we share our insights, skills and experience as together we journey on the path toward the wholeness to which God is calling us all. Through the wide variety of programs we offer, we seek to nurture and celebrate each other at every stage of our lives, from young children to our “classic” seniors. If you are seeking a congregational home, we invite you to the Edith Rankin Memorial congregation!


 Worship Services are Online and Interactive

                                       October 10, 2021

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If you wish to participate in our online worship gatherings, you will require a computer or tablet with a microphone and camera, and the RingCentral Meetings application. If you are not already receiving our Tidings Newsletter, including the online meeting link for these worship services, then use the email signup form at the bottom of this page to register. 

Many of our friendship and study groups continue to meet online using RingCentral Meetings. Contact your group leader for more information. We also continue to care for one another and our neighbours through phone, email and online meetings. Our ministers, Michelle Down and Elizabeth Amirault are responding to pastoral care needs by phone and email. Use our contact form to reach them, or leave a message at the church office (613-389-2530).

as of August 19, 2021



I am so pleased to share with you the news from your Council of Elders, that we have a phased in re-opening plan for ERMUC.

I want to thank all of the Council members and the Re-Opening Team who have worked so hard during COVID, and who have collaboratively come up with this re-opening plan.

Sept 7 – we will re-open the church to small groups and renters.  The Ontario government has stated a maximum of 25 people indoors. Each room within ER has been assessed by the Re-opening Team, and the number of people who can safely gather while maintaining a safe 2 meter (6 feet) distance, has been determined and will be posted in each room.

Sept 7 – we will re-open the church to Weddings and Funerals.  The Ontario government restrictions of maintaining a safe 2 meters (6 feet) apart, determine that a maximum of 60 people can gather in the sanctuary.  The Ontario government re-opening plan states that any social function after a wedding or funeral must follow the limit of 25 people indoors. 

*** UPDATED:  Sept 12 – This was to be our first outdoor worship service, however, out of an abundance of caution, Council has decided to move the service to Ring Central only. 

Sept 19 and 26 – we are going to have a ‘soft-opening’. This will mean that Michelle will be at the pulpit, and Kim will be at the organ, and the tech team will be at the Media board.  We will invite a few members of the Council, Worship, Property team, Trustees and Re-opening Team to come and worship in the sanctuary, so that we can sort out how things are going to best work with a new Hybrid style of worship.  You will all join us on Ring Central and see us LIVE from the sanctuary.

Oct 3 – is World Wide Communion Sunday, and we are looking at having an outdoor drive-thru communion.  Folks will bring their own elements of bread and juice (or coffee and donuts) so that there will be no risk of cross contamination … but remember if you have been using real wine at home during COVID you can’t be drinking and driving!

Oct 10 – is THANKSGIVING and we are praying that by then we will be able to throw open the doors and not be limited to having only 60 people in the sanctuary. We will have much to be Thankful for indeed!

All COVID protocols, government restrictions, and the ERMUC re-opening plan will be followed. All people must socially distance, and maintain a 2 meter (6 feet) distance apart, and masks must be worn.  At this time there is no congregational singing or wind instruments permitted. Solo singing is permitted behind a plexi-glass barrier. Our formal ER re-opening plan has been approved by our region of the United Church of Canada, as a condition to re-open.

This is the initial plan, and there may have to be adaptations along the way, but Council is excited to be able to take the first steps to our re-opening.

I continue to encourage all who are medically able to get both of your vaccines for the safety and protection of the whole church family.

If you have an extra minute this week, please send a note of gratitude to Lorna Thorne for chairing Council, and Paul Carl for being the Team Leader of the re-opening team.  Together with their teams they have done a great job throughout COVID and now with a new plan to re-open our doors.  As well, send a note of thanks to the Tech-Team, who has kept us virtual, and who will continue to keep us on-line, even when we get back in person for those who want to gather with us in that format. We all owe them so much! And lastly to your staff, who have all found new inventive and creative ways to ‘get the job done!’. They have each done a great job of supporting the ministry at Edith Rankin and providing faithful service during this time.  I am proud to be your team leader.  I am so happy to say “SEE” you in September, and really mean it!

Please review our re-opening plan on our website at : www.ermuc.ca and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Know that we will do everything in our power to keep people safe and healthy.


Rev. Michelle