Below are highlighted upcoming events (see Tidings for details) or news of our goings-on.

AGM Annual Report 2020

The full Annual Report for 2020 is available to members and adherents: Welcome > Members Only and click on link to Password Protected Page ...
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Round Table Discernment Conversation

A Ring Central Round Table discussion on Discernment was held on 2020-01-25. Rev. Michelle began the discussion with a PowerPoint presentation and introduced a thought provoking Ted Talk relevant to the discussion. This was followed by a round table discussion on the topic. Both we recorded and can be found ...
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Fundscrip Ongoing

FUNDSCRIP CARDS for all your shopping and gift needs. Order the cards yourself and they will be delivered to your door. When you purchase a $100 grocery gift card for example, you will receive the $100 card, and a percentage of the cost will be donated to Edith Rankin Memorial ...
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The Thanks of the Congregation

Thank You It’s 9:50 Sunday morning and time to sign in. Our Ringcentral service is about to begin. Paul Carl is reminding us to turn off our TV. There’s so much chatter and excitement we are all full of glee. Sharply at 10 the service is ready to start. Paul ...
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