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The United Church of Canada

East Central Ontario Regional Council

The East Central Ontario Regional Council (ECORC) came into existence on January 1, 2019. Formerly known as Regional Council 11, ECORC is 1 of 16 Regional Councils of the United Church of Canada. A Regional Council is a decision-making body responsible to serve and support Communities of Faith within its bounds and provide necessary oversight.

The ECORC is composed of all ministry personnel within its geographic bounds; ministers of denominations within mutual recognition agreements while under appointment or call; and lay members elected by the Communities of Faith, respecting the balance of lay and ministry personnel where possible.

The ECORC also consists of:

  • the following Communities of Faith of the former Living Waters Presbytery of the former Toronto Conference: Trinity Pastoral Charge-Uxbridge, Sandford-Zephyr Pastoral Charge, Goodwood Pastoral Charge and Epson-Utica Pastoral Charge;
  • all pastoral charges in the former Presbyteries of the former Bay of Quinte Conference: Four Winds, Hills and Shores, Lakeridge, Kawartha Highlands, Kente, and Shining Waters; and
  • several other entities in a covenantal relationship with the ECORC that gather to explore faith, worship, and service.

A Song of Faith
A statement of our faith adopted August 2006 by General Council.

School of Religion, Queen’s University

Kingston United Churches

Calvary United Church
45 Charles St.
Kingston ON K7K 1V3
Tel: 613-542-2698

Cataraqui United Church
965 Sydenham Rd.
Kingston ON K7M 3L8
Tel: 613-548-4392

Chalmers United Church
212 Barrie St.
Kingston ON K7L 3K3
Tel: 613-546-3263

Cooke’s-Portsmouth United Church
200 Norman Rogers Dr.
Kingston ON K7M 2R4
Tel: 613-542-4545

Crossroads United Church
690 Sir John A. Macdonald Blvd.Kingston ON K7M 1A2
Tel: 613-542-9305

Faith United Church
Services at LaSalle Secondary School
Box 784
Kingston, K7L 4X6
Tel: 613-549-4320

Glenburnie United Church
1028 Unity Road.
Glenburnie ON K0H 1S0
Tel: 613-542-4773

Princess Street United Church
484 Albert St.
Kingston ON K7L 3W3
Tel: 613-542-6112

St. Andrew’s-By-The-Lake United Church
1 Redden St.
Kingston ON K7M 4K7
Tel: 613-389-8082

St. Matthew’s United Church
31 Weller Ave.
Kingston ON K7K 2T1
Tel: 613-542-2768

Sydenham Street United Church
82 Sydenham St.
Kingston ON K7L 3H4
Tel: 613-542-9616

Zion United Church
117 Quebec St.
Kingston ON K7K 1V1
Tel: 613-548-3389