Spirit Sisters

Updated March 2017

Spirit Sisters Service May 15 2016


Spirit Sisters, formed in 2006, is open to any woman who seeks to grow in faith, accompanied and nurtured by the Spirit and a caring network of women interested in exploring their spirituality. The group meets from 7:00 – 9:00 pm on a monthly basis (usually the third Monday) from Sept to June. The June meeting is often a garden party held at the home of one of the Spirit Sisters.


Spitit Sisters meeting

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Spirit Sisters’ gatherings welcome 25-30 women each month. There are over 50 women on the email list-serve used for group communications.

From January to June 2016, Spirit Sisters continued their discussion of the theme “Exploring the Big Questions”, which included an examination of what it means to live authentically, an evening with some of our favourite books, and an evening of contemplation which concluded with our walking the labyrinth. In May we led a worship service that allowed us an opportunity to review some of the topics we had addressed during the year and to share our discoveries with the congregation.

September 2016 marked the 10th Anniversary of Spirit Sisters. We are proud to report that Spirit Sisters continues to nourish and challenge women of all ages and backgrounds and seems to grow stronger as the years go by. As a means of honouring our beginning, we decided to revisit some of the themes outlined in the book Dance of the Spirit by Maria Harris, which was introduced by Rev. Micheline Montreuil to the original 2006 study group – the first Spirit Sisters. We will be discussing some of the women’s spiritual practices as outlined in this book until June 2017. Topics include: Awakening, Discovering, Traditioning and Nourishing.

To be added to the email list and to receive regular information about upcoming sessions, email Spirit Sisters Communication Coordinator,
Florence Niven.