Mission and Outreach

logo_msfundWelcome to Mission and Outreach. Our Edith Rankin faith community believes in sharing our gifts by supporting the outreach work of the United church of Canada, and by being involved in our community.

There are endless opportunities for everyone to lend a hand, and your Mission and Outreach committee cannot say thank you enough to all who have shared their talents and financial support.

Special mention needs to be made to two groups:

  • our United Church Women’s units, who have been huge supporters of both our Mission and Service Fund, and many of our local outreach projects.
  • our Youth who continue to show leadership in outreach beyond their age.

If you would like to participate, please contact us using this form. 



Mission and Service Fund

The Mission and Service Fund is the primary operating budget for almost all the work we do as the United Church of Canada. Your donations support that work, which includes ministry support, theological colleges, presbyteries, conferences, individual churches, chaplaincies, outreach work in Canada and globally, and justice and environmental advocacy. Contributions can be made through regular Sunday envelopes or through PAR (pre-authorized remittance).

For more information on the Mission and Service Fund, ask us for a copy of the Mandate magazine or visit their website.

Canadian Food Grains Bank

Canadian Food Grains Bank is a partnership of 15 Canadian church agencies including The United Church of Canada. It’s goal is to reduce hunger in developing countries.

Each fall, we sponsor a Stone Soup Sunday where, for every dollar we raise for the Canadian Food Grains Bank, CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) contributes 4 dollars. Don’t forget to join us at this worthwhile event. Date and time will be announce in our Church bulletin and on our web page.

Fair Trade

The congregation supports the use of fair trade products, including coffee and products from Zatoun. Zatoun, which in Arabic means “olive” produces olive oil. Proceeds directly benefit Palestinian farmers and children living in occupied Palestine and also are used to create awareness for peace in Palestine. The Bay of Quinte Conference of The United Church of Canada supports Zatoun and 10% of any sales within the conference by the Bay of Quinte Conference’s Fair Trade Representative go directly to the UCC’s Mission and Service Fund. For futher information: http://www.zatoun.com

Twinning Agreement with Iglesia Bautista Emmanuel, El Salvador

Edith Rankin Memorial United Church and Iglesia Bautista Emmanuel formally signed and celebrated a twinning agreement on August 25, 2015. The twinning agreement contains several intentions that when implemented will strengthen solidarity, increase awareness of ministry “in context” and enhance our prayers for one another.



Camp Quin-Mo-Lac

Each year we sponsor children of our congregation or other congregations who wish to attend camp, which is owned and operated by the Bay of Quinte Conference of the United Church of Canada.

Kingston Community Chaplaincy

Edith Rankin Memorial United Church contributes annually to Kingston Community Chaplaincy, a vital non-profit organization that ministers to released prisoners seeking to re-integrate into society and their families. Funds go to support the salary of the part-time Kingston Community Chaplain.

Partnering with Collins Bay Institution

A team of three church members plus our ministry staff have received training and granted security clearance to serve as escorts for minimum level inmates to attend Sunday worship and coffee hour. This ministry fulfills our commitment to provide spiritual nourishment, accompaniment and socialization opportunities for those not yet on full release.

Other Local Outreach Programs

On an ongoing basis our congregation supports many local charitable organizations. For example:

  • Ryandale Shelter
  • Dawn house Shelter for Women
  • In from the Cold
  • Partners in Mission/Food Bank.
  • Martha’s Table
  • Children and Family Services of Frontenac, Lennox and Addington Counties
  • Lilly’s Place
  • Wellness Walking
  • VON Seniors’ Exercise Program
  • St. Vincent de Paul
  • Interval House
  • Better Beginnings
  • Kingston Youth Shelter

to name a few.

Each winter season, members of the congregation contribute mittens and winter clothing for local distribution.

Our church is pleased and proud of its services to our community and abroad. Come and help us help others.
For further information, use our contact page.