Youth Ministry

ERMUC Youth are active in a wide variety of ministries and activities as valued members of our community. Our Sunday morning program includes both time at worship with the entire congregation, and time together as a youth group community.  Youth are also involved in a variety of other things, including social events, leadership in worship and church events, outreach projects, global education experiences, UCC events for youth and Youth Leadership Training (a summer employment and learning-leadership program for high school youth).  Our youth ministry and its various activities are open to all youth, grades 7 to 12. We welcome friends of our youth and we even welcome back our graduates when they are home for a weekend break or holidays.


Youth Leadership in Worship and the Church Community

One of the most exciting things about youth ministry at ERMUC is how talented our youth are – and in many different ways! An important value of our youth ministry is to encourage the various gifts and talents of our youth.  Madelin and Kendra Thompson 1 webSome are gifted musicians, and share their talents during ministry of music moments, as well as in our annual youth-led service
(May 24, 2015).
Youth Service (39) web Youth Service (27) webYouth Service (24) webDrama and dramatic proclamation of the Word has a long tradition at ERMUC. Our youth community includes talented writers and artists.

Youth Service (9) web
And ERMUC has a particularly strong liturgical dance team, usually leading us in worship during Advent and beyond.

Our youth are also active in a variety of other ways. Last year, our youth served communion, read scripture and took part in our Remembrance Service, taught Sunday School and volunteered in the nursery, planted bulbs for the church’s gardens, dished out “Stone Soup” (a fundraiser for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank) and served dessert at the annual Classics Birthday party.

Sunday Morning and Youth Faith Formation

This year, youth faith formation will focus on “Seasons of the Spirit”, an ecumenical and UCC endorsed curriculum. Occasionally, we will break away from the curriculum in order to do something special, such as “Prayer Stations for Heading Back to School” or to assist the whole Sunday School in an outreach project.

Annual Confirmation Program

Many choose to participate in confirmation during their years in the youth program.  We also welcome youth from other United Churches in Four Winds Presbytery who do not have a confirmation program in their church.



For more information about next year’s program, summer employment opportunities for high school youth, or registration information for the children’s program contact Rev. Jean Stairs
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For more information about our Youth Ministry

For more information about our youth ministry, please contact the Minister of Christian Education, Outreach and Family Pastoral Care,  Rev. Dr. Jean Stairs




Mission Statement


“We seek to be a welcoming community, anchored in God’s love,
challenged to sail on the winds of the Spirit, sharing the
Good News of Christ with each other and the world.”


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