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Updated: September 2014

Janice Johnson rents the church’s facilities to offer these services. Below is her web page.


I am a certified Fitness Instructor, a Personal Trainer/ Nutrition and Wellness consultant with many hours investigating back care and posture.  I provide special attention to building a well-balanced body that responds easily to everyday activities.  Recently, I obtained my Zumba Instructor certification and will be implementing some simple dance moments into our programming. .

FunFit Aerobics

Three separate sessions run from September to June each year. Please contact  me regarding the prices per session and the pay-as-you-go option too.


Fitball sessions commence at various times of the year depending upon participation levels. Please call if you are interested. The first session begins in October and runs until Spring.

First-timers can call 389-3181 to reserve/use our equipment before committing to their own.

Fitness Level:
All levels are welcome, since I start the session off slowly and increase intensity when the participant is ready and willing. Beginners and Advanced members are challenged appropriately.
All ages are welcome, since you are never too old to get-in-shape. We have had young Moms in their 30’s…daughters, grandmothers; we celebrated an 86 year old birthday in the class this past Spring.
Activities include:
Low/Moderate Impact Aerobics, Flexibility programming including Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates-type movements, Interval strength/cardio classes, Boxing-type classes, Fun-style Boot Camp classes (Ballet),Cardio Tai Chi, Strength Training including free weights, tubing and bands. Small ball exercises are also included within our classes. Lots of Variety and always a peek at current trends and interesting aspects of what is effective in the Fitness World these days, provided by a certified Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer. This past year, I obtained my Zumba Instructor certification, so we all may be dabbling in some creative dance intervals within our hour of fun together.
What you may need:
Water bottle, good indoor cross-training shoes, a willingness to try something new and have some fun! Mats/weights/bands are optional since we do supply some of these items on site. You might create a ‘fitness bag’ that will hold your own personal items. Some participants like to bring their own mats & towels too.  We provide carpet squares and everything needed for your first visit to her class.

Tubing and small balls may be purchased through the aerobics instructor, if interested.


See what good health and fitness can do for you?



FunFit FitBall

FunFit FitBall classes available the first Wednesday after Thanksgiving. First class and registration, Wednesday, October 12th.

9:15 a.m.- 10:15 a.m. every Wednesday. 6 week intervals.Provides participants with a multi-level strength and flexibility training programme.

Participant may try a class out with a fitball provided, but requires their own to continue programming throughout the year.

Totally encompassing workout that is good for all ages and fitness levels. Balance training is challenged and improved over the course of the Fall/New Year/ Spring sessions.

Working with free weights, tubing, bands, balance equipment, small ball training, and much more.


Fun Fun Fun!

For more info, please call Janice at 613-384-3181.

PS: Our FunFit group has been celebrating fun and fitness in the community at Edith Rankin since 1989. We apologize if you have missed knowing about us until now, but it’s never too late to start up. Our group is the friendliest in town!


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