The Beauty of ERMUC

updated December 24 2018

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Anchor web
Bleeding heart web

2016-04-17 Cross web

2016-03-20 Chancel 1 web

Chancel during Lent
2016-03-13 Chancel web
Lunar Eclipse over ERMUC
Lunar Eclipse and Church web 2015-09-27 Chancel web
2015-09-20 Communion Table web
3025-04-26 Communion Table
Stained Glass web Morning sun web Lent Chancel web Lent chancel landscape web
Baptismal Font and jug web
2015-01-04 Chancel 2 web 2015-01-04 Chancel 1 web
2014-12-24 Christmas eve web2014-12-24 Christmas eve 1 webCommunion wine Communion web Communion bread Communion 1 web Church Flowers.8 web Church flowers 1web Walkway web Communion web Church with Birds web Church winter web Chancel with Bible web Candles web Bible web Benches web Bench web 2012 Chancel web Sanctuary shadows web Sanctuary web Sign with Flowers web Tulips web Sanctuary 1 web Ice Storm1 web Ice Storm web GLASS smallBible in April small Bible and candles color small

Palm Sunday 2014
Palm Sunday web
Chancel with Flame web

ERMUC anchor ERMUC walkway ERMUC flowers
Anchor in summer webAug AM Church (3) Aug AM Church with anchor 2014 Aug walkway web
Memorial garden in fog Memorial Garden in Fall



















Mission Statement


“We seek to be a welcoming community, anchored in God’s love,
challenged to sail on the winds of the Spirit, sharing the
Good News of Christ with each other and the world.”


Edith Rankin Memorial United Church, 4080 Bath Road Kingston, Ontario Telephone: 613-389-2530 Email: Frontier Theme