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Updated 3 May 2018


To unite all women of the congregation for the total mission of the Church and to provide a medium through which they may express their loyalty and devotion to Jesus Christ in Christian Witness, Study, Fellowship and Service.


Since its beginning, UCW units throughout Canada have contributed over $105,000,000 to the Mission and Service Fund. In 2017 Edith Rankin’s UCW contributed $2000.00 to the M&S Fund.

Who qualifies as a Charter Member of the UCW throughout Canada

Any woman, who was in agreement with the purpose of the United Church Women and who was willing to contribute her prayers, gifts and services for the work of the church in the world and who was a member of any United Church women’s group (i.e. WMS, WA, Ladies’ Aid, Women’s Federation, Mission Circle) at midnight, December 31, 1961.

2017 marked the 55th Anniversary of the UCW in Canada. The theme and logo, “Celebrating Spirit” recognized the spirit of the women involved with UCW groups since 1962. Nowhere has this spirit been more alive than here at Edith Rankin Memorial United Church. To this day, an amazing group of UCW women continue to follow in the footsteps of our charter members by joining together “in Christian witness, study, fellowship and service”. During 2017 many of the twenty-one charter members of ERMUC received a special 55th anniversary pin.

Who Can Belong?

All women of the congregation are welcome at any unit or general meeting. If you wish further information on the life and work of the United Church Women, please contact our Membership Convener, Barb O’Neill at 384 8143, or our President, Margaret Merkley at 532-8490.



General UCW Meetings and Activities for 2018 

Executive Meetings:
Tue, Feb 20, 9:30 a.m., Library
Tue, Sep 4, 9:30 a.m., Library

Spring Meeting:
Tue, May 1, 7:00 p.m., Lower Hall

Christmas Meeting:
Tue, Dec 4, 1:30 p.m., Lower Hall

UCW Church Service:
Sun, Apr 15, 10:00 a.m.

Mostly Apple:
Thu and Fri, Sep 20 & 21, 9:30 a.m., Lower Hall

Artisans’ Bazaar (Tentative):
Sat, Nov 3, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.


President Margaret Merkley E-mail   532-8490
Past Pres / Nom Jan Rubino E-mail   389-4243
Secretary Karen Saulnier E-mail   389-4790
Treasurer Annie Dickson E-mail   384-4564
Finance Kathy Rogers  E-mail  634-0528
Literature Joan Martin E-mail   389-2689
Membership Barb O’Neill E-mail  384-8143
Social Contact Penny Steele E-mail   544-3916
Mostly Apple Alison Ahara

Karen Saulnier

E-mail   389-6445

E-mail   389-4790

 Bazaar Contact: Food Marg Aitken E-mail   929 2504 
Bazaar Contact: Artisans TBA
Classics Party Ruth Pettis E-mail   634-0741
Prayer Shawl Ministry Jan Rubino E-mail   389-4243
Nominations Chair Jan Rubino E-mail   389-4243
Unit 1 Barb O’Neill  384-8143 1st Wed afternoon.
Unit 2 Kathy Rogers  634-0528 1st Wed evening.
Unit 7 Sheryl Baker 389-1888
Bonnie Hazell 389-3198
4th Mon afternoon, 1 p.m.
Unit 8 Charlotte Jones  384-6557
Edie Raymond  389-1364
2nd Tue evening



ERMUC’s United Church Women is made up of 4 units. All of the units meet on a monthly basis, either in members’ homes or at the church.  In addition to the regular unit meetings, there are 2 general UCW meetings each year and a financial meeting in February that all members are invited to attend.

Following is a description of the units and their special interests. New members are always welcome and encouraged!

Unit 1:

Unit 1 has members of varying ages.  They meet in the afternoon at the church on the first Wednesday of each month at 1:30. The unit programs consist of invited guest speakers on various areas of interest and concern. In the past year, the Unit has made generous contributions of goods/money to Dawn House, the ERMUC Benevolent Fund, the Snowsuit Fund, Christmas Hampers to both the Salvation Army and the Amherstview Lions Club, and to Warm Accessories for the arrival of a new Syrian Family. What is most valued by the members of this unit is the warmth of friendship and fellowship they share while carrying out the UCW Purpose.

Unit 2:

Unit 2 meets monthly on the first Wednesday of each month but in the evening and in members’ homes. Their major fundraiser is making and selling frozen meat pies. In the Fall, they make Christmas sacks for the congregation to fill.  They wish to thank all those who took stockings, filled them to overflowing and brought them all back! They are distributed throughout the community and are truly appreciated by the children and teens who receive them. They like to organize interesting programs for their meetings that reflect their interests and creativity. Each month they have fun together supporting each other and sharing an outreach focus.


Unit 7:

Unit 7 is a group of faith-filled caring ladies, many of whom have known each other since they were young mothers – 60 to 70 years! (They warmly welcome new members.) They meet at the church on the 4th Monday of each month, January through May and September through November. In June, they treat themselves to a meal out; in September, they enjoy a potluck lunch; and in November they celebrate with their Secret Sisters’ Christmas party. On April 15th, a bus trip was enjoyed by members and friends. They answer the roll call each month with a donation to a designated charity. Members take turns offering devotions and planning the program with teams to prepare refreshments. In 2017, their programs included speakers about fraud and elder abuse, seniors maintaining their independence, Dawn House Women’s Shelter, and a fun name-scramble. They held a silent auction to raise funds for Life-long memberships and awarded them this year to their much-deserving co-leaders, Sheryl Baker and Bonnie Hazell. Their donation to the General UCW was over $2,455 from monthly offerings and the bus trip.

Unit 8:

Unit 8 an active unit with good programs and great fellowship, celebrated their 40th Anniversary in 2017. They meet on the second Tuesday of each month in members’ homes and new members are always welcome. Meetings start with the reading of the UCW Purpose, and they are guided by the pledge to Christian witness, study, fellowship, and service. They had a variety of programs in 2017, incorporating many local resources. These included: Rev. Dr. Jean Stairs who gave an informative presentation on Islam, a movie night when “Loving” was watched, Marilyn Rodger who explained the meaning of each quilt block in her Underground Railroad Quilt, a night when children’s books were shared, and Beth Elford and Carolyn McPhee who shared information on Contemplative Practices. In November, they attended a program sponsored by the Down Syndrome Association of Kingston, held a Christ Church Cataraqui. They have dinner meetings in June and December. Unit 8 coordinated the Artisan’s Bazaar in November and held their annual Cookie Walk in December. Their Outreach Project this year was Almost Home.


All women of the congregation are welcome at any unit or general meeting. If you wish further information on the life and work of the United Church Women, please contact our Membership Convenor, Barb O’Neill at 384 8143, or our President, Margaret Merkley at 532-8490.


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