Enjoy reading these thought-provoking and often humorous meditations about living a life of faith, facing life’s challenges and looking at the world around us with curiosity and wonder. Contributions come from our ministry personnel and members of the congregation. 



Advent 2023 by Florence Niven

beyond anxiety beyond isolation beyond age-old conflict that seems beyond resolution Hope resides Hope lives in the quiet spaces of wish-filled longing and fervent prayer between imagination and possibility Hope ...

Joy … Anyway by Kathy Thomas

Joy, anyway. Powerful words. More than that, they are empowering words. For the last few years, Joy seems to have been somewhat elusive in this world. Have we not all ...

The Role of Women in our Church by Gordon Sinclair

Reflections by Gordon Sinclair Just as Spirit Sisters play a critical role in the life of our church these days, and Catholic nuns continue to do their work, in some ...

Love Showed Up by Florence Niven

Love showed up in tiny measures and grand gestures. In hearts and teddy bears placed in windows, and painted stones left along wooded pathways. Love maintained connections through panes of ...

Meditation for Christmas 2022 by Florence Niven

On Christmas Eve, 2022, Mother Nature decided to hit Kingston with a winter 'storm of a generation'. Despite the fact that a beautiful candlelight service had been planned by Rev ...

Thanksgiving Musings by Florence Niven

My neighbour was spending Thanksgiving in another city, visiting her family. I had entered her house using the spare key she’d left in case of an emergency. This was an ...