Most Recent Anthems


2019-01-20 Our Song of Fellowship and Faith (Don Besig)
2019-01-20 Sing a New Church (Dufner / Honore)
2019-01-13 I Will Sing with the Spirit (John Rutter) Link to video
2019-01-13 Spirit, Now Live in Me (Bryan Leech) Link to video
2019-01-06 Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light (J. Schop./arr. by J.S. Bach)
2019-01-06 Welcome to Our World (Chris Rice) Duet: Carolyn May & Cathy Flynn
2018-12-30 Christmas Lullaby (John Rutter)
2018-12-30 Rose of Bethlehem (Lowell Alexander) Duet: Cathy Flynn, Carolyn May
2018-12-24 Solo by Kathy Lee Link to video
2018-12-24 Ding! Dong! Merrily on High (Woodward and Wood) Link to video
2018-12-24 The Little Road to Bethlehem (Michael Head) Link to video
2018-12-24 Sheep May Safely Graze (Douglas Warner) Limestone Ringers Link to video
2018-12-24 Christmas Triplets(Brocker & Bischop) Bell Tree Link to video
2018-12-24 On a Silent Night (Joyce Eilers) solo: Leila McLeod
2018-12-23 Let Us Rejoice by Limestone Ringers Link to video
2018-12-23 Baby in a Manger Solo: Olivia Hudel, acc. Ruth Pettis Link to video
2018-12-23 Nativity Carol (John Rutter) Link to video
2018-12-16 Kingston Carol Link to video
2018-12-16 What You Gonna Call Your Pretty Little Baby Link to video
2018-12-16 Star-Led Link to video
2018-12-16 Unto Us a Child is Born solo: Kathy Lee Link to video
2018-12-16 So Early in the Morning Link to video
2018-12-16 Every Mountain-Every Valley Link to video
2018-12-16 What Sweeter Music solo: Carolyn May Link to video
2018-12-16 Come, Holy Light Divine Link to video
2018-12-16 Psalm of Hope (arr. Michael Helman) Limestone Ringers Link to video
2018-12-16 Christmas Cantata by Laurence Rowbotham
2018-12-09 Silent Night (arr. Nancy Hascall) Bell Quartet Link to video
2018-12-09 Advent Meditation (Patrick Liebergen) Chancel Choir Link to video
2018-12-09 Coventry Carol (Anonymous) Anthony Gifford Link to video

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challenged to sail on the winds of the Spirit, sharing the
Good News of Christ with each other and the world.”


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