Searching for new Minister – our Story

As we progress through our transition from the fine work of Rev. Dr. Wayne Soble and Rev. Dr. Jean Stairs to the next phase in the life of our congregation, your Council is committed to being as transparent as possible. We will therefore be reporting to you on a regular basis as new information becomes available.  “The Road Ahead” will be published in Tidings and also be uploaded to this web page: see the links below. This was passed by more than the required 2/3rd majority.  The profile has been revised to reflect a vacancy for one full-time ordained minister.

The congregation will have an opportunity to approve recommendations from Council three times during the Transition. The first approval will be when the Supply Ministry Plan is presented, likely in late April or early May. In September the congregation will be asked to approve the results of the Community of Faith Profile. This is the process which replaces and enlarges upon the former Presbytery  Needs Assessment Process. Sometime early in the new year, the congregation will be asked to approve the results of the Search Team’s efforts in securing top-notch ministerial staff to carry the church forward into what surely will be a promising future.

Jan 2019: Transition Team lays out the three steps

Mar 2019: Supply Ministry and ‘Community of Faith’ Profile

May 2019: Introducing our Two Supply Ministers: 2019-2020

Aug 2019: Supply Ministers begin; Youth and Pastoral Care services

22 Sep 2019: A Special Congregational Meeting will consider and approve the Congregation Profile , a necessary step on our Road Ahead. Also to be explained is the Search Committee Process. Meeting follows the church service.

27 October 2019: A special Congregational Meeting will be held in the Sanctuary following the morning service on 27 October 2019 at 1130hrs in order to consider approving ERMUC’s new Community of Faith  Profile which is a major step in the  process to Call ministers. All members of the Congregation are encouraged to attend this meeting. Copies of ERMUC’s amended Community of Faith Profile will be available as soon as possible. Questions can be directed to Christopher Sproule, Chair of the Congregation, by using our contact form.  Also available is the Survey Results on the Needs of the Congregation on the password-protected page

17 November 2019: A second special Congregational Meeting was held and the Community of Faith Profile was approved. This is to be forwarded to Region for approval. The Search Committee was approved as per the slate presented by the Profile Committee. Full Minutes of the meeting will be on the Members area of our website.

Nov 2019: The Community of Faith Profile is approved; the Search and Selection Committee was also approved.

Jan 2020: The first report of the Search and Select Committee was read to the Congregation. These will be issued monthly. 

Feb 2020: The second report was read to the congregation on 9 Feb and covered the processes of publicizing the vacancy and the procedures for interviewing prospective candidates.

Mar 2020: First interviews were conducted with more scheduled. The committee of seven are pleased to hear of any suggestions as to whom they might approach. Applications are still being received.

Apr 2020: The fourth report was impacted by COVID-19, that is with inperson church services being cancelled. This report was printed in our Easter Anchor and was not delivered orally because we were learning how to use Ring Central (Zoom-base) to conduct our services of worship. Interviews continue using video-conferencing. The Selection Committee is now interviewing its “short” list.

May 2020: The fifth report announces that a decision has been made and a recommendation will be presented at an on-line congregational meeting on Sunday, 24 May, beginning about 11 a.m. following the service of worship.

May 24, 2020: Final Report from the Search and Selection Committee presented to the Congregational Meeting on this date.

June 6, 2020: Announcement that the Rev. Michelle Down has accepted our call for ministry, effective 1 September 2020.