Refugee Sponsorship

ERMUC played a significant role in the integration of two Syrian Refugee families into Kingston, who arrived in 2016 and 2017. Over $125K was raised to support this ministry that emerged concurrent with the global Syrian Refugee crisis. 

Wrap-up: June, 2019

After four years of a very focused effort WKRP has finally completed its mandate in June 2019. We were fortunate to engage an effective group of people from five United Churches and the Islamic Society of Kingston.
Two Syrian families were sponsored and both have made an excellent transition to the Canadian way of life. Both parents and children have progressed well in the adoption of the English Language. They have also managed their financial priorities in a very conservative manner. They were thrilled to accept the invitation to the June retirement event for Rev. Jean and Rev. Wayne and enjoyed time spent with other members of the congregation.

As we finalized the WKRP fund there was a surplus of $12,370.44. We decided to advance $1000 to their family dentist for further dental treatments. The residual $10,370.44 was divided equally and donated to each family’s RESP Fund, resulting in a zero balance.
This being the final report of WKRP, we would like to thank all those of the congregation who contributed their time and financial support. To quote Rev. Dr. Jean Stairs in her closing communication to the group:
“We have done good and faithful work! Allah/God/Creator be praised.”

submitted by Margaret Baker