In the Fall of 2017, Edith Rankin Memorial United Church Council of Elders commissioned a working group to look at designing a new logo that would replace our informal ‘anchor’ logo being used. 
After a call to the congregation for submissions, the working group came back to the congregation in January 2018 with options to vote on. 
In May 2018 the Council of Elders approved our new logo.
While it is up to each person to see what they see in the logo, Council offers these words of explanation.
  •  The waves represent Edith Rankin Memorial United Church’s connection to the waters of Collins Bay.
  • The blue circle that also includes the stylized cross, can represent our Christian faith and community that encircles our congregation.
  • The cross is set in an opening of the circle that says we open our doors, our minds and our hearts to all who wish to join us. 
  • And we believe the C in the centre represents many things such as:
    • Christ, Church, Community and our Congregation 

The logo with words, will be used on our letterhead and the logo without words will be used on our website and PowerPoint.