Fellowship Breakfasts

Updated 22 September 2019

An informal gathering of men, women and couples from the congregation meet monthly, the fourth Sunday morning of each month, at 8:00 a.m. for breakfast, fellowship and an informative program. Many of the speakers are members of our congregation, meeting the dual objectives of interesting programs and getting to know fellow members.

All associated with our congregation and their guests are invited to attend; no reservation is necessary. We guarantee a friendly welcome, a good breakfast and a good time.

Cost is $5; kids under 12 are free. RSVP Craig Pettis: email or 613-634-0741 if you are plan to attend.

PROGRAM FOR 2019-2020

22 Sep:  Kingston Senior Citizens Partnership.

Don Amos,  Executive Director. “We’re more Active than you think!” Don will provide a brief overview of the Association, a review of the program platform, services and special events they offer to the greater Kingston Region. Did you know they offer close to 300 programs!?  Host: Glenn Owen

27 Oct:  “God Talk on Campus” by Kate Johnson, Queen’s Chaplain.

Host: Glenn Owen.

24 Nov: “Singing the Slammer” by Chris Brown.  His topic is the positive impact of music with the prisoners. The core is the recordings of group performances made by Chris, the volunteer leader of the sing-along sessions. Prison participation is expanding, as is Chris’s music recording business. Host: Tony Baker.

26 Jan: “The Mess” by Sandi Dodds. She is the Executive Director of this program: a studio art program for mentally-challenged adults. Host: Glenn Owen.

23 Feb: Mayor Bryan Patterson. Topic to be announced. Host: Paul Van Nest.

22 Mar: “Oasis” Seniors Apartments in Kingston by Tina Carson, Co-ordinator of the Oasis Program for Seniors. This program offers support to seniors with health care, exercise classes, meals, social events and other services while living in their own apartments in the Bowling Green #2 …. an impressive example of the possibility of aging in place in our city! Host: Janice D’Agostino.

So, don’t miss out on the chance to learn something and to get to know members of your church family. And besides, at a cost of only $5.00 each meeting, we still earn a little for the church.