Fellowship Breakfasts

Updated 29 November 2017

An informal gathering of men, women and couples from the congregation meet monthly, the fourth Sunday morning of each month, at 8:00 a.m. for breakfast, fellowship and an informative program. Many of the speakers are members of our congregation, meeting the dual objectives of interesting programs and getting to know fellow members.

All associated with our congregation and their guests are invited to attend; no reservation is necessary. We guarantee a friendly welcome, a good breakfast and a good time


Sunday, September 24 – “The Long Way Home”. Sponsored by the Kinston Writers Refugee Committee, our gueats were introduced by Ray Argyle, with assistance from West Kingston Refugee Partnership (WKRP). Jamal Saeed and his wife Rufaida are Syrian refugees forced to flee Syria because of their criticisms of the Assad regime. Fluent in English, Jamal and Rufaida are both remarkable writers and presented their compelling stories to over 50 attendees. (Our largest crowd in a long time).

Jamaal Saeed                     Rufaida Alkhabbaz              Ray Argyle

Sunday, October 22 – “Here I Stand”. This year marks the 500th anniversary of the date  (October 31) in 1517 when Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the Wittenberg church door, a catalytic event that history marks as the beginning of “The Reformation.” The Rev. George Lavery and Mary Lavery are a keen students of this critical time in world history and he and his wife Mary recently visited Reformation sites. They will take us there via George’s exceptional photography and George and Mary’s own reflections on the significance of The Reformation for the church today.

Sunday, November 26 –“To China with Love”.  Last November, an extraordinary event took place in Changdu, West China, i.e. the opening of a museum to honour the historic Canadian School for Missionary Children founded by Canadian Methodists in 1909. Our own Glenn Owen was among 16 descendants of Canadian missionaries to attend that event. As was our speaker Phyllis Donaghy, a local writer, community volunteer and active member of Bath United Church. She has written extensively about the school and its important contribution to Christian life and work in West China.

Sunday, Jan 28 2018

We get to meet and hear from one of ERMUC’s own, Dr. Kristin McLeod. Kristin is a Case Manager with Addiction and Mental Health Services, KFLA. Her presentation will focus on community mental health and addiction rehabilitation with provincial offenders. It To help in planning breakfast, if you intend to attend, please email Craig Pettis at  pettiscraigandruth@gmail.com. All are welcome.


One of our many willing workers
2014-11-23 Paul Van Nest web


So, don’t miss out on the chance to learn something and to get to know members of your church family. And besides, at a cost of only $3.00 each meeting, we still earn a little.






Mission Statement


“We seek to be a welcoming community, anchored in God’s love,
challenged to sail on the winds of the Spirit, sharing the
Good News of Christ with each other and the world.”


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