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Advent Meditation by Florence Niven

[Click the button below to see this poem with its intended formatting] Beyond the anxiety, beyond the isolation, beyond the restrictions – to gather,   to celebrate, to grieve… Hope resides. Hope lives in the quiet spaces. In wish-filled longings, and fervent prayers. Between imagination and possibility. Hope resides, because a Child was born.   […]

Meditation on Hope – by Linda Delve

[Presented, virtually, to Spirit Sisters, a women’s group at Edith Rankin Memorial United Church, on December 9, 2020; Stage directions included] ______________________ A gift!    [Show a wrapped package]  How wonderful! I asked Santa for Louise Penny’s newest mystery novel.  I wonder . . .  [look under gift; shake gift; smell gift; feel gift] I hope […]

Farewell from Bill Smith

Dear Friends at ERMUC   As my time at Edith Rankin Memorial ‘officially’ comes to a close, I want to write and thank you all for your support, encouragement and love during the past year as I served as one of your supply ministers. So much of ministry went on during this time, from Birth […]