4 Oct: start of Bible Study of John’s Gospel

 The Way, The Truth & The Life

 An Antidote for Fake News!


A Glance at the Gospel of John

Leader: Dr. Soble


Wednesday, October 4/17                                       7 p.m.

“Beginning from the End” (John 20)     

Wednesday, October 11/17                                     7 p.m.

“A Taste of Good Wine” (John 2.)

Wednesday, October 18/17                                     7 p.m.

“Staying Spiritually Hydrated” (John 4)

Wednesday, October 25/17                                     7 p.m.

“Tough Talk” (John 6-8)

Wednesday, November 1/17                                   7 p.m.

“Living in the Light”” (John 1 & 9)

Wednesday, November 15/17                                 7 p.m.

“Dead Man Living”” (John 11)

Wednesday, November 1/17                                   7 p.m.

“You’ll Never Walk Alone”” (John 14-17)

Wednesday, November 1/17                                   7 p.m.

“What is Truth?”” (John 18-21)

All sessions are in the Upper Room

Mission Statement


“We seek to be a welcoming community, anchored in God’s love,
challenged to sail on the winds of the Spirit, sharing the
Good News of Christ with each other and the world.”


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