2022-11-13 Worship Service

Affirming Ministries, Honouring those who live with, and die because of HIV/Aids

The Red Scarves in the sanctuary today have been made by Amy Baker and Joyce Payne. These are to symbolize the traditional red ribbon used for the AIDS Awareness Campaigns.  We display them here in our church today, as a symbol of our commitment to be a congregation that provides safe space for all people.

If you would like to wear this symbol around your neck, all these red scarves will be available for donation after church.  All funds raised will go to further the mission and ministry of Edith Rankin. Please see Amy and Joyce after worship, and share your gratitude for their work making these beautiful scarves.

  Each Blade of Grass – MV37.
  Love is the Touch – MV89.
  Like a Healing Stream – MV144.
  Festival Promenade – Limestone Ringers – by Kathleen Wissinger.
  To Believe – Chancel Choir – by Matthew Evancho.
Scripture: Micah 6:8, Matthew 10:40, Revelation 22:17.
Sermon: Affirming Ministry for All – the Rev. Michelle Down.

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