Epiphany Meditation by Florence Niven

As we explore the theme of Epiphany, I invite you to consider not only the significance of light, but also that of its companion – darkness. Darkness is often thought of as something to fear, thanks to more than a few fairy tales and bible stories, and pandemics. But without darkness we would not be able to fully appreciate the light. Both darkness and light offer valuable lessons.


There’s no division
between night and day

No delineation
in the night sky –

where one stops
and the other

The process
of night
becoming day
is a gradual one

A peaceful transition
supported by the
passage of time

Accented by the
bloom of sunrise
and sunset

The incremental
reveal of the moon


The darkness and light
of night and day
have roles to play
Each contribute
to our well-being
and are therefore

Our spirit rests

in darkness

Is renewed
And restored

And then is ready
      in the light of day
for the task at hand