Advent Meditation by Florence Niven

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Beyond the anxiety, beyond the isolation,
beyond the restrictions –
to gather,  
to celebrate,
to grieve…

Hope resides.

Hope lives in the quiet spaces.

In wish-filled longings,
and fervent prayers.

Between imagination and possibility.

Hope resides,
because a Child was born.


Beyond broken promises, broken systems,
broken policies –
that demoralize,
and demonize…

Peace resides.

Peace lives in the quiet spaces.

Of acknowledgment.
Respectful action. Significant change.

Between imagination and possibility.

Peace resides,
because a Child was born.

In places of awe, and unabashed wonder,
where Hope,
and Peace flourish –
untethered; unencumbered,
and authenticity is celebrated…

Joy resides.

Between imagination and possibility.

Joy resides,
because a Child was born.


Beyond hate-filled rhetoric, abuse of power,
broad strokes –
that divide,
and marginalize…

Love resides.

Love lives in the quiet spaces
of hard work and heart work.
Of compassion and commitment,
understanding and empathy.

Between imagination and possibility.
Where the inhale becomes the exhale.

Hope, Peace, Joy and Love reside.

Because a Child was born.


– Florence Niven 2020, Advent Meditation.