The Thanks of the Congregation

Thank You

It’s 9:50 Sunday morning and time to sign in.
Our Ringcentral service is about to begin.
Paul Carl is reminding us to turn off our TV.
There’s so much chatter and excitement we are all full of glee.

Sharply at 10 the service is ready to start.
Paul Currie is our tech wizard, it’s quite an art.
Kim and the choir, the sound is topnotch.
Craigs pictures he’s added, we just love to watch.

Photos from past and faces to remember.
Eight months of online services it’s hard to believe it’s December.
A huge thank you needs to go to our Craig and two Pauls.
Without all their work we’d be in a huge shortfall.

Many hours they volunteer each week without fail.
To make our Sunday services very upscale.
So, to thank you we raise our hands in the air.
Paul, Craig and Paul your talents are rare.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you dear friends.
Bring on the vaccine so in person services we can attend!

Thank You

From your Friends at Edith Rankin Memorial United Church
2020: A year to remember!
Author: Lorna Thorne, Chair of Council