2019 Eastern Central Ontario Region – May

Each Community of Faith within The New East Central Ontario Region has been invited to send with their representative a vessel of water that represents their Church. This water will be included in the Worship and poured into a common vessel to join us all together as one. The water will then be used by a potter whom has been engaged to form new Communion vessels for the East Central Ontario Regional Council. Marilyn Rodger one of Edith Rankin Memorial Lay members to ECORC will be present at the First Inaugural meeting May 30 to June 2nd., 2019.

We at Edith Rankin Memorial United Church are Anchored in God’s Love as we Worship on the Shores of Collins Bay here in Kingston, Ontario which is part of Lake Ontario.
This vessel of water was taken Sunday May 26th. 2019 from Collins Bay and blessed for its journey to East Central Ontario Regional Inaugural Council May 31st., 2019 at Cambridge United Church in Lindsay, Ontario.