Farewell from Bill Smith

Dear Friends at ERMUC
As my time at Edith Rankin Memorial ‘officially’ comes to a close, I want to write and thank you all for your support, encouragement and love during the past year as I served as one of your supply ministers. So much of ministry went on during this time, from Birth to Death, from Sacrament and Celebrations, and from joyous times along the banks of Collin’s Bay to sharing times via RingCentral Meetings. Highlights for me certainly include the opportunity to preach each week and spending times with ‘our kids’, so full of wisdom and wonder, from six baptisms on one Sunday to ‘glow sticks’ lighting the sanctuary on Christmas Eve and, of course, getting to know many of you and the gift of your friendship.
It was a privilege to work with the Rev. Joe, my partner in ministry during this time. While we have known one another for years, this was a rare opportunity to share together in ministry. I was deeply appreciative of Joe’s computer skills which got us through this COVID-19 pandemic with on-line worship.
As a staff, I believed we modelled what it means to be a team and I am grateful to Barry, Lawrence, Tanya, Shannon, Kim, Rhonda, Elizabeth, Ruth and of course Joe. In a time filled with change, we were able to work together in this ministry. Thank you.
I am delighted that Michelle will now be joining the team with her many gifts of ministry. WELCOME MICHELLE !
Finally, I give thanks to God for such a wonderful opportunity to share in the Gospel.
In Faith