Tidings June 28, 2020

The Life and Work of

Edith Rankin Memorial United Church

June 28 – July 5, 2020


CHURCH BUILDING CLOSURE CONTINUES – At the June 10th Council of Elders meeting it was decided to continue offering only video-conference worship services for the remainder of the summer.  This decision is consistent with directions given by the East Central Ontario Regional Council (ECORC). A plan must be submitted to ECORC two weeks in advance of reopening a congregation for worship services.  Over the summer we will seek clear direction on the new Provincial guidelines and advice from Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington Public Health. Our goal is to ensure we have practices and protocols in place that keep our congregation a safe place for everyone. 

This Week:

  • Sunday June 28, 10:00 am – Worship Online – Communion (have bread and juice available)
  • Tuesday June 30, 7 – 8:30 pm – Visioning Café on RingCentral Meetings (check for link in emailed version of Tidings)
  • Wednesday July 1 – pastoral care drop-in cancelled today for Canada Day
  • Sunday July 5, 10:00 am – Worship Online

STARTING TODAY the link for the worship services will be the same for July and August.  A reminder will be sent out on Thursday and again each Sunday morning, along with a link to the online version of our weekly email newsletter (Tidings, one edition for the summer). If you are not receiving Tidings use the form at the bottom of our contact page to join the mailing list and specify that you want links to online worship.

Fourth Sunday After Pentecost: Communion

THIS Sunday, you are invited to join our virtual worship space to celebrate the sacrament of communion. You will need to have some bread and juice ready in order to participate. Come to hear the Rev. Bill’s sermon-story Isaac’s Great Adventure and the choir’s beautiful anthem A Communion Contemplation. There will also be a brief opportunity to check-in with a small group using the question “How will you be taking care of your relationships over the summer months?”

The scriptures this Sunday are: I Corinthians 11:23-26 and John 6:1-15

From the Search and Selection Committee

On behalf of the congregation, the Search and Selection Committee would like to extend a heartfelt welcome to our new minister, Rev. Michelle Down. We are so excited about this next part of our Edith Rankin journey and look forward to working together. Welcome also to Michelle’s partner, Joyce Payne, and their little dog, Quincy.

2020 has not been without its challenges, and we accept that change will have to take place in order for us to move forward. We feel confident however, that as we walk with Michelle, and are guided by the Spirit, we will find our way.

Welcome Michelle, Joyce and Quincy. We’re so pleased you’re here.

Our Visioning Process Continues – June 30, 7 – 8:30 pm

Last fall, about 50 members of the congregation gathered together for a “visioning café” to engage in conversations about what really matters to us as a community of faith. In small groups, we talked about worship, about relationships with each other, and our relationship with our neighbourhood and world. You can view or download the “harvest” from these conversations using the button below.

In February, we gathered again in an “open space” process where 10 ideas for “experiments” emerged and we gathered in groups to begin planning for those experiments. That’s as far as we got before we found ourselves immersed in the realities of the pandemic. Now that have adapted to our new reality, and before the downtime of summer, you are invited to participate in a “virtual open space” process online. 

June 30 from 7 – 9 pm, you are invited to a RingCentral Meetings video conference where we will break into small groups to continue the conversation about the ideas that emerged in February. We will re-visit each of the ideas and ask how we now understand the experiments in light of the experience of the past 3 months and what the next steps might be. There will be 10 small groups based on the ideas that emerged in February. Download the document using the buttons below and decide which conversation you would like to join. 

  • Make ourselves more known to the wider community
  • Interfaith Activity
  • Variety in Worship

  • Faith Discussion

  • Fun/Fellowship

  • Interfacing with Schools

  • Embodied Worship Experiences

  • Embracing Diversity in our Congregation

  • Making the Most of the Welcome Centre

  • Expanding Musical Expressions to Enhance the Worship Experience

Start now by reviewing the harvest documents, using the buttons below. The link to the virtual meeting will be shared through the emailed version of Tidings. You will need to use the password included in the email (it’s the same password used for the members-only area of the website). 

View or download the harvest of thoughts that emerged at the Nov 2019 Vision Café conversations:


View or download the experiments that emerged at the Feb open space gathering:


Pastoral Care and Friendship online continues throughout summer

Join your friends from Edith Rankin Memorial United Church in our virtual welcome centre on Wednesdays at 11 am. Use the link in the summer edition of Tidings and in the weekly reminder.

What goes into creating an interactive online worship service?

Over these past few months, Bill and Joe and many lay members have “pivoted” in the way we think about, prepare and engage in leading worship. You might wonder what goes on behind the scenes and how many are involved. Here is a list of the people and estimated weekly hours involved: Bill prepares liturgy and sermon (20); Joe prepares slides, liturgy, creates and emails Tidings and reminders (15); Kim chooses anthems, rehearses (15); up to 8 choir members/instruments rehearse and record hymns and anthems (25);  Kim mixes music created by choir members using SoundTrap online (15); Craig chooses/photographs images and creates videos (12); Paul prepares media for screen-sharing (1); worship involves 6 leaders in various roles (6); Craig prepares worship recording for website (6). That’s 115 hours of “person time” for one hour of worship. And everyone involved loves doing what they do! Thank you to all who provide leadership and most of all thank you to the congregation for “stepping up”‘ to this new way of being together in worship. Each Sunday we have over 100 people attending and many others who view the recorded version. 

Pride Day

The month of June is recognized as Pride Month, and June 25th was Pride Day. It is a movement that celebrates sexual diversity. For lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people it is a way of protesting about discrimination and violence. It promotes dignity, equal rights, self-affirmation and is a way of increasing society’s awareness of the issues they face. We honour our LGBTQ members, family and friends and abide with them in solidarity against discrimination. 

Fair Trade Products

Fair Trade Products that are usually made available to the folks at Edith Rankin Memorial several times during the year are still available by calling Marilyn Rodger at 613 384 2087. 

Marilyn has a complete stock of Palestinian Olive Oil, Za’atar Spice and Olive Oil Soap, Assorted Teas and Herbal Teas, Baking supplies Sugars, Cocoa, Hot Chocolate, 100% sugar free Chocolate Chips, Coffee’s Beans, Dark and Medium Roasted ground plus Decaf.

All Chocolate Bars are reduced to $5.00 each.

Make arrangements to replenish you stock with 10% going to Mission & Service fund United Church of Canada.

Thank you for your continued support.


Starting July 5, there will be one “summer issue” of Tidings sent during July and August and posted on the website. We will send the email every week as a reminder, but the content will be mostly unchanged. If you have information you would like in Tidings over the summer, please send it to Rev. Joe now.

We will also use the same RingCentral Meetings link for worship over the two months. For this reason, please do not publish the meeting link anywhere (Facebook, etc). You may share the link in a private email but otherwise we want to keep the link secure. 

The Anchor: Summer Edition

Now available to view online or download. Click this link to have a look

This issue contains an introduction to Michelle Down, messages from our current ministry personnel, news from the Council of Elders, a “celebration” of Bill and Joe and a page of familiar spaces and faces.



We are all in this together

What do you need? 

It’s hard for us to know how we are doing and what we might need when we are isolated from each other. Do you need some help? Do you need a phone call? Do you need someone to  pick up some supplies for you? Do you need someone to help with a household project (as a safe distance). Pick up the phone or use that contact form on the website to reach out. 

What can you offer?

The current situation of physical distancing to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus challenges us to do mission and ministry as a congregation differently. Are you wondering how you could offer your gifts and skills to these new challenges? Call the church office at 613-389-2530 or use the email contact form on the website to reach out.


Happy Birthday To Our Shining Lights in June

Leila M – June 3 (10 yrs) Ewan S – June 5 (13 yrs) Jackson L – June 7 (13 yrs)  

Olivia R – June 9 (8yrs) Noah B – 10 (11 yrs) Emma W – June 10 (17 years) 

Chelsea M – June 14 (8 yrs) Skye M – June 16 (2yrs) Mya M – June 18 (11 yrs)

Alexander C – June 26 (2yrs) Millicent B – June 30(7 yrs) Simon B – June 30 (8 yrs)


Happy Birthday to our Classics for the Month of June

Betty Jeanne Kippen – June 10 Glenn Owen  –  June 13 Jan Galasso –  June 14

Margaret Martin – June 15 Mary Lavery – June 16 Barb Taft – June 19

Phyllis Hannah – June 20 Barbara Sinclair – June 30


Prayers for Best Wishes, Health & Happiness! Enjoy Your Day!


There are several ways of continuing to support the ministries of our congregation for the next few weeks when we are not “passing the plate.” Some of you already give through Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR). If you would like to join the PAR programme, contact the Church Treasurer using this form. You can also give through Canada Helps, using PayPal, or by sending and e-transfer through your bank to the church email address churchoffice@ermuc.ca (make sure you specify to which fund you are directing your donation).  The first Sunday of each month we ask for donations to the Benevolent Fund to respond to local requests for urgent needs. Please indicate if you would like a donation to be directed to the Benevolent Fund.

Contact ministers and staff through the church office: 613‑389‑2530

Rhonda Kerr x101 — Joe Ramsay x102 — Bill Smith x103

Elizabeth Amirault x106 — Kim Barney x107