Tidings May 10, 2020

The Life and Work of

Edith Rankin Memorial United Church

The Fifth Sunday of Easter

Mother’s Day / Christian Family Sunday

Sunday May 10


This Week:

  • Sunday May 10, 10:00 am – Worship Online  (check Tidings email for link)
  • Wednesday May 13, 11:00 am – Pastoral Care and Friendship Online (check Tidings email for link)
  • Wednesday May 13, 7 pm – Spirit Sisters meet online (check email for link)
  • Thursday, May 14, 1:30 pm – More Just Men (JM3) (check email for link)
  • Thursday May 14, 7:00 pm Choir Gathers online (check email for link)
  • Sunday May 17, 10:00 am – Worship Online (check Tidings email for link)

You can contact ministers and staff through the church office: 613‑389‑2530

  • Rhonda Kerr x101
  • Joe Ramsay x102
  • Bill Smith x103
  • Elizabeth Amirault x106
  • Kim Barney x107

Virtual Worship Services

Online worship will continue with the Fifth Sunday of Easter Sunday (Christian Family Sunday / Mother’s Day) on May 10 at 10 am.  CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR THE LINK FOR EACH INTERACTIVE WORSHIP SERVICE. THERE IS A NEW LINK FOR EACH SERVICE.  If you are not receiving our weekly email newsletter (Tidings) use the form at the bottom of our contact page to join our mailing list.

The design of our worship service, using RIngCentral Meetings, means that our worship can be interactive, giving members a chance to visit with each other before (and sometimes during) the worship experience. 

Those who would rather watch the worship service without interacting with others are invited to check the web site Monday or Tuesday following and look for the link to the recording. The recorded worship service will contain the prayers, scripture reading, music, and sermon.

This Week’s Scripture: Psalm 31:1-5,15-16, Matthew 12:46-45 


There are several ways of continuing to support the ministries of our congregation for the next few weeks when we are not “passing the plate.” Some of you already give through Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR). If you would like to join the PAR programme, contact the Church Treasurer using this form. You can also give through Canada Helps, using PayPal, or by sending and e-transfer through your bank to the church email address churchoffice@ermuc.ca (make sure you specify to which fund you are directing your donation).  The first Sunday of each month we ask for donations to the Benevolent Fund to respond to local requests for urgent needs. Please indicate if you would like a donation to be directed to the Benevolent Fund.

Update from the Search and Selection Committee

This is our fifth monthly communication update… and you will have seen the Notice of the Congregational meeting for Sunday May 24. From this Notice, you know that the Search and Selection Committee is bringing a report and recommendation to the Congregation.

This monthly communication is not the place to pre-empt the information you will hear on May 24. However, it is fair to let you know the Search and Selection Committee is making a unanimous recommendation and we feel very blessed that our candidate answered our call to ministry. We encourage you to prayerfully consider your upcoming decision.

We have worked very hard to ensure the best interests of the congregation have been foremost in our thoughts during this process. We are excited to share our recommendation with you!

– Peter Merkley, Chair, Search and Selection Committee

Pastoral Care and Friendship online gathering Wednesdays at 11 am. 

Join your friends from Edith Rankin Memorial United Church in our virtual welcome centre at the link that was emailed to you. (link changes weekly – check your email for this week’s link).  Visit online with other members and stay in touch with people you care about. You can also use this opportunity to test your computer or iPad to make sure you can join the worship service on Sundays. (You will be prompted to download RIngCentral Meetings App if you haven’t installed it already).

Marjorie Gagnon

It is with sadness that we share the death of Marjorie Gagnon who passed last Monday evening at Arbour Heights Long Term Care Home. Marjorie was a Sunday school teacher at Edith Rankin Memorial and a member of UCW Unit 1.  Please follow the link below for her obituary. https://www.arbormemorial.ca/gftompkins-township/obituaries/marjorie-phyllis-gagnon/48947/


Sprit Sisters

Spirit Sisters are invited to meet using RingCentral Meetings on Wednesday evening, May 13th, at 7pm. Florence Niven will email an invitation that morning. There’s no program planned – just informal small group conversation – to touch base with one another.  

We are all in this together

What do you need? 

It’s hard for us to know how we are doing and what we might need when we are isolated from each other. Do you need some help? Do you need a phone call? Do you need someone to  pick up some supplies for you? Do you need someone to help with a household project (as a safe distance). Pick up the phone or use that contact form on the website to reach out. 

What can you offer?

The current situation of physical distancing to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus challenges us to do mission and ministry as a congregation differently. We are also adapting to having our regular office administrator Tanya off on leave. Are you wondering how you could offer your gifts and skills to these new challenges?
Call the church office at 613-389-2530 or use the email contact form on the website to reach out. 

Birthdays for May

Happy Birthday to our Shining Lights in May

Mallory W May 4 (16)   ♥  Elise Cook –  May 6 (12)   Jacob S May 7 (5),

 Nadia R May 7 (16)  ♥  Sawyer B May 9 (11)    Matthew S May 10 (4),

Kenzie M May 11 (8)   Kaidence L May 12 (10)   William H May 13 (14),

 Oliver C May 26 (4)   Chase H May 30 (16)   Johnny S May 30 (17)

Happy Birthday to our Classics for the Month of May

Barbara McMahon – May 3   Donna Bull – May 6  Sheila Billings – May 8 

Eldon Peters – May 11   Bob Martin – May 17   Ruby Goold  – May 19   

Ena Decker – May 21  ♦  Tysie Mitchell – May 21   Bill Hartling – May 24

Katherine Knight – May 26   Eleanor Sinclair –  May 29

Prayers for Best Wishes, Health & Happiness! Enjoy Your Day!

Online Prayer Gathering Survey

Are you interesting in joining others online for 15 minutes to pray together? If so, let us know what time of day best suits you most days.

Choose as many options as you want.