Tidings April 19, 2020

The Life and Work of

Edith Rankin Memorial United Church

The Second Sunday of Easter

Sunday April 19


This Week:

  • Tuesday April 21, 7 pm – Just for Men 4 meets online (check email for link)
  • Wednesday April 22, 11 am – Pastoral Care and Friendship Online (check Tidings email for link)
  • Thursday April 23, 1:30 pm – Just for Men 3 meets online (check email for link)
  • Thursday April 23, 7 pm Choir Gathers online (check email for link)
  • Sunday April 26, 8:30 am — Fellowship Breakfast Online with Bob Wells: “Wawahte” (check email for link)
  • Sunday April 26, 10 am – Worship Online (check Tidings email for link)


Virtual Worship Services

will continue with the Second Sunday of Easter Sunday on April 19 at 10 am.  CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR THE LINK FOR EACH INTERACTIVE WORSHIP SERVICE. THERE IS A NEW LINK FOR EACH SERVICE. The design of our worship service, using RIngCentral Meetings (Zoom), means that we our worship can be interactive, giving members a chance to visit with each other before (and sometimes during) the worship experience.  Those would rather just watch the worship service without interacting with others are invited to check the web site Monday or Tuesday following and look for the link to the recording. The recorded worship service will contain the prayers, scripture reading, music, and sermon.

Scripture: Acts 2:14a,22-32 and John 20:19-31

Fellowship Breakfast goes Virtual!

Next Sunday, we are going ahead with our monthly fellowship breakfast!  However, you will have to provide your own breakfast as you sit in front of your screen. We will view Chief Dr Robert Joseph’s honorary doctor of law acceptance speech followed by a discussion with Bob Wells. We will also hear the reading of an article by Bob recently published in Anishinabek News.   (See the email for the link to the online meeting) 

The Anchor

has been sent by regular post and by email. You can also find the anchor on the website here: The Anchor

Balancing Mission and Ministry, Pastoral Care and Stewardship 

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Treasurer’s always like things to balance and usually this means the debits should equal the credits.

However, in the unpredictable times of the COVID 19 pandemic, all of us in the faith communities are trying to balance two very different realities. On one side of the scales is the need for pastoral care, for our ministry to respond. On the other side of the scales is the financial realities facing all congregations.

Elizabeth and I are working together to give you a balanced view. She will tell you about the continuing – even expanding – ministries of Edith Rankin. I will provide a little information about our financial situation.

Fortunately, and thanks to you, our financial picture is more positive than you might think. Many of you use PAR and this is providing a healthy amount each month. Others of you are bringing (or mailing) your weekly offering to the church. Some are donating using electronic methods (Canada Helps or Pay Pal). When we add all this up, we have almost enough every month to cover our payroll and to pay the essential bills. The small monthly shortfall can be absorbed by our cash on hand plus our existing line of credit at the bank.

The various government programs seem to change daily.  We are also to apply for programs to assist with payroll costs and will apply as appropriate. The United Church of Canada is hosting weekly sessions to provide updates that apply to churches. Also, the UCC will have support programs.

All this to say… we are in the fortunate position that our financial resources provide the balance needed for the stories Elizabeth will tell you.

I don’t want to make this sound too rosy! I encourage you to make your weekly offering by one the options open to you. I encourage you to consider an additional gift to help your church carry out our good work. We recognize that some members of our congregation will have lost their income and will not be able to keep up their regular offerings… they need their church more than ever and if you can help, you know it will be appreciated. Peter Merkley  

My ears are sore!

With the current news streaming images of our vulnerable populations succumbing to COVID-19 in the places upon which we rely to protect and care for them, let me assure you that those Classics who are currently in long-term care homes and retirement residences are weathering the storm very well.  In this new way of doing pastoral care, my job has become to connect over the telephone with as many Classics as I can. I can tell you from firsthand reports that those in institutions are being cared for very well, twice–daily their temperature is checked, if they eat in the dining room, they are seated two meters apart, couples excepted. Staff are masked when providing personal care and they are making sure everyone stays healthy. I have also heard from family members of our Classics that they are provided with reports of their family members in the institution at regular intervals or upon their request.

I am heartened by the response to my request to pick up the phone and make a connection. I had a report from one of the Classics that, thanks to me their ear is sore from all of the phone calls they have been receiving! 

I would like to thank to Margaret Merkley who is coordinating the “Caring Connections” of the UCW. From the list I provide her, of Classics who have agreed to be on the receiving end of phone visits, Margaret has matched these individuals to UCW members who were looking to help as they can.  I would also like to thank Brenda Moyer for keeping our list of Classics up to date and with her impeccable attention to detail, making sure our list includes everyone who may fall into that category. 

A big thanks to you for caring for each other, with consideration for your own safety of course.  We are told in Galatians 6:10, “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people,” I think that Edith Rankin Memorial United Church is doing just that.  Again, thank you, and may your ears hurt from all of the love that is being shared among us. Elizabeth Amirault

A Message from the Treasurer

COVID 19 has impacted Edith Rankin just it has many businesses. Just a simple message from the Treasurer – please help us by continuing with your weekly Offering. For people who use PAR, we thank you for using this program. For others, you can drop envelopes in the Church mailbox or you can use electronic services featured on our website. Thank you for your continued support! Peter Merkley

Pastoral Care and Friendship online gathering Wednesdays at 11 am. 

Join your friends from Edith Rankin Memorial United Church in our virtual welcome centre at the link that was emailed to you. (link changes weekly – check your email for this week’s link). If you are not receiving our weekly email newsletter (Tidings) use the form at the bottom of our contact page to join our mailing list. Visit online with other members and stay in touch with people you care about. You can also use this opportunity to test your computer or iPad to make sure you can join the worship service on Sundays. (You will be prompted to download RIngCentral Meetings App if you haven’t installed it already). 

RingCentral Office Keeping Us Connected

Our new internet-based phone system has not been installed. This means that you can reach ministers and staff through a central number at the church, or leave a message that will be immediately forwarded. The RingCentral Office also includes three video conferencing and conference calling accounts (one for each phone extension).  If you would like to host an online video conference with a group, please contact Rhonda Kerr. The phone number to reach Rhonda (or Bill, or Joe) is …. you guessed it, the same as always: 613-389-2530. 

ERMUC Classics please note:

A Catered Birthday Dinner was originally planned for our Classics was planned for SUNDAY MAY 3 2020 has been postponed. 

Birthdays for April

Happy Birthday to our Shining Lights in April Ronin Y, Jordan T, Joanie S, Douglas B, Violet B, Ella M, Kyle M, Clark C, Eva F, Cailee C, Nathan R, Oliver B, Parker S, Kerrigan L, Carter S, Henry R.   

Happy Birthday to our Classics for the Month of April Janet Burrill, Barbara Billings, Eric VanDalen, Isobel Patchett, Anne McRae, Faye Dennison. Prayers for Best Wishes, Health & Happiness! Enjoy Your Day!