Tidings March 29 2020

The Life and Work of

Edith Rankin Memorial United Church

March 29, 2020


Virtual Worship Services will continue on Sunday mornings at 10 am. The design of our worship service, using RIngCentral Meetings (Zoom), means that we our worship can be interactive, giving members a chance to visit with each other before (and sometimes during) the worship experience. 

Those would rather just watch the worship service without interacting with others are invited to check the web site Monday or Tuesday following and look for the link to the recording. The recorded worship service will contain the prayers, scripture reading, music, and sermon.

Pastoral Care to Classics during Covid-19 Pandemic During this time of social distancing and restricted access to homes and residences, I would like to ask Edith Rankin Memorial United Church congregation to consider phoning a “Classics” friend.  Just a reminder that someone is thinking of them could make a big difference in their life.  Pull out your Photo Directory or your own address book and make a connection.

 – Elizabeth Amirault, Minister of Pastoral Care.

Pastoral Care Training The Pastoral Care Training originally scheduled to begin April 15 is now “on hold.” We will provide an update on when the training will be offered when more information is available.

A Message from the Treasurer:  COVID 19 has impacted Edith Rankin just it has many businesses. Just a simple message from the Treasurer – please help us by continuing with your weekly Offering. For people who use PAR, we thank you for using this program. For others, you can drop envelops in the Church mailbox or you can use electronic services featured on our website. Thank you for your continued support!
A new “Ring”:  Not from the Bell Choir, but our phone system. Council  has decided to implement a new phone system through a provider recommended by the United Church of Canada. “Ring Central” is shipping new phones to us in the next few days and the new system will be installed in mid April. This will bring us into the 21st century with improved voice mail and other features. It will also provide for video conferencing and on-line Sunday services (hopefully we wouldn’t need this for very long!). Thanks to the Admin Team for their work in preparing the recommendation to Council.

Broadview Subscriptions In order to update the church group subscription, present subscribers and those wishing to begin receiving this publication are asked to contact Glenn Owen regarding their intentions for the next year. Please call (613-539-4796) or use our contact form to contact the church office. The group rate for ten issues is $25

Receiving of New Members If you are interested in joining our congregation or would like further information about becoming a member, please contact Rev. Dr. Bill Smith by using the contact form on the website. A service to receive new members will be scheduled for a future date. 

ERMUC CLASSICS PLEASE NOTE: A Catered Birthday Dinner was originally planned for our Classics was planned for SUNDAY MAY 3RD 2020 which (short of a miracle) will now be postponed.  If you are new to our congregation or if you have celebrated the wonderful milestone of your 80th Birthday in the past year, you are asked to contact Rhonda Kerr at 613-634-1990 to make sure that we have the name, current address, and phone number of all our Classics.  Previous attendees will automatically be invited and do not need to register unless your address has changed.  We don’t want to miss anyone!

Trip to San Salvador The East Central Ontario Regional Council of the United Church of Canada is planning a multi-generational, mission awareness trip to our global partners, Emmanuel Baptist Church, in San Salvador, El Salvador. The trip will likely run from Thursday, March 11 to Thursday, March 18 (over March Break). We are opening the trip to 30 individuals from United Churches in our regional council. If you are interested in participating in this life-changing journey, there is a form and essay to complete – by June 30, 2020. Please see Rhonda, Joe or Bill to have a form printed out.   Important information to know: Plan for an in-person meeting in September, 2020, and another in January /February 2021.The cost of the trip for participants will be approximately $1500, an amount that is subsidized by the regional council. Actual costs are higher, and we depend on fundraising and donations to ensure finances are not a barrier to participation. Please plan to fundraise in your community to support the trip, and also to support any builds we may be part of while we are there.

On becoming an affirming ministry:  Important information from Council In recent Council meetings, your Council has reflected on our Mission Statement… it is printed in every Tidings and we think we are all proud of it: “We seek to be a welcoming community, anchored in God’s love, challenged to sail on the winds of the Spirit, sharing the Good News of Christ with each other and the world.” Council would like to ask you to focus on the beginning phrase:

  • “We seek to be a welcoming community”

      – and the last phrase:

  • “with each other and the world”.

As mentioned, Council has been reflecting on our Mission Statement. We have done this at the suggestion of the Search and Selection Committee as they search for a new Minister who will bring our Mission Statement alive … and who will live our Mission every day in his or her personal life. You have heard the monthly reports from the Search and Selection Committee and their discussions of diversity and inclusion. So, we ask you again to think of key phrases in our Mission Statement:

  • “We seek to be a welcoming community” …
  • “with each other and the world”.

The members of your Council asked many questions of each other as to what we actually do as “we seek to be a welcoming community”. This led to a discussion of the concept of an “Affirming Ministry”. This is a term used within the United Church of Canada to identify a community of faith as being one that is open and welcoming to all – regardless of race, colour, religious beliefs, gender, economic status or sexual identity. We realized that we had much to learn about this concept. But we did know that one of the reasons congregations become an “Affirming Ministry” is to demonstrate that they are a welcoming community to each other and the world. So, to learn more about this concept, Council passed the following Motion:

  • that Council declares our intention to engage in an educational process on becoming an Affirming Congregation.

Council recognizes that now is not the right time to begin this educational process and, in any case, we want time to hear your comments and feedback of this intention. We are thinking that we will select and call a new Minister and allow him or her 6 to 12 months to settle in. This would mean that the educational process would begin about 18 to 24 months from now, This is a long way away, but Council believes it is important for the Congregation to know of this Motion and to know of our intention to learn more about the process.

Update from the Search and Selection Committee March 29 2020 Look for a full communication in the upcoming Anchor. Thank you to those folks who mentioned names of possible candidates – this generated several positive conversations. 

Happy Birthday to our Shining Lights in March Lucas M Mar 3 (8yrs), Elyssa R Mar 4 (8yrs), Claire S Mar 4 (1 7yrs), Austen L – Mar 8 (15yrs), Alex C – Mar 10 (13yrs), Nicole G Mar 16 (14yrs), Joshua Pettis B – Mar 18 (1yr), Angus S & Robert S – March 19 (15yrs), Amelia B March 22 (8yrs), Duncan S March 25 (10yrs), Everly G March 30 (3yrs), Isaac Pettis B Mar 30 (4yrs), Mary M Mar 31 (5yrs)  Happy Birthday to our Classics for the Month of March Marlene Price – Mar 6, Beverly Gellatly – Mar 7, Doug Huddle – Mar 15, Jim Lawson – Mar 16, William Minish – Mar 17, Ruth Belyea – Mar 21, Hilda Doran – Mar 21, Barb Mallory – Mar 25, Jean Longfield – Mar 29 Prayers for Best Wishes, Health & Happiness! Enjoy Your Day!