Building Progress

Our Ribbon cutting festivities on Sept 25, 2016

  • Dignitaries at Celebration Breaksast
    Dignitaries at Celebration Breaksast
  • Attendees at Celebration Breakfast
    Attendees at Celebration Breakfast
  • Gordon Sinclair
    Gordon Sinclair
  • Rev. Dr. Wayne Soble
    Rev. Dr. Wayne Soble
  • Mayor Patterson
    Mayor Patterson
  • Dignitaries being piped in to ribbon cutting ceremon
    Dignitaries being piped in to ribbon cutting ceremon
  • Special guests
    Special guests
  • Trillium Foundation presentation
    Trillium Foundation presentation
  • Ribbon cutting by members of congregation
    Ribbon cutting by members of congregation
  • Attendees at Ribbon Cutting ceremony
    Attendees at Ribbon Cutting ceremony
  • Elevator being used officially for the first time
    Elevator being used officially for the first time



Guided tour of main floor renovations and lower level of new extension

  • Multipurpose Room
    Multipurpose Room
  • Upper level Washroom
    Upper level Washroom
  • Elevator shaft
    Elevator shaft
  • New Construction
    New Construction
  • New Construction
    New Construction
  • Children's room
    Children's room
  • New Front Entrance
    New Front Entrance



The forms are removed and elevator entrances visible now.
2016-02-07 web


The elevator shaft is now clearly visible above the foundation
2016-02-04 (17) elevator shaft 1 web 2016-02-04 (13)elevator shaft 2 web


Lower level addition taking shape

2016-01-27 web

The footings for the new addition were poured today. The footprint of the addition is now visible.

From now on, it is onward and upward.

2015 12 18 Footings 1 web 2015 12 19 Footings web


First formal tour of renovations


  • Cupido Construction is here at Edith Rankin Memorial United Church and site preparation is underway.  Just a few things to keep in mind:
  • The safety/security fence will be erected on Wednesday November 4.
  • The parking lot Bath Road entrance closest to the Collins Bay dock ramp will be inaccessible as of Wednesday November 4.
  • With the safety/security fence in place, the only building access will be the exterior upstairs wooden door at the top of the ramp or the rear lower doors around the back of the building.  These will be the only doors accessible for all meetings, events, access, etc. until or unless further notice is provided/posted or additional permissions are obtained from Tanya in the Church Office.  A B6 key will give you access to either of these doors.  If you require a key, please see Tanya.
  • The main doors should remain accessible for Sunday Worship until November 23.  After that date, please refer to above notation.
  • The lower Bath Road door will remain as an emergency fire exit out of the building, but not as an entrance.
  • During construction working hours (Mon-Fri 7a-4p), please park away from the safety fence as Cupido Construction and their sub trades require unrestricted access.
  • With the commencement of the construction, please do not ask/direct contractor and the sub-trades staff to do anything or change anything. All contact must be directed through the ERMUC Project Manager. Please speak with Tanya in the Church Office (in person, at 613-389-2530 or and she will direct the request/question/concern through to the appropriate individual.
  • Last but not least, we know everyone is very excited and curious about what’s happening with the expansion! We all are, but we do have to adhere to all legal, safety and security protocols that have been put in place by Cupido Construction.  No access to the construction site (blocked off parameters) is permitted at this time.  In the coming weeks, we will be scheduling some “behind the scene” tours that will give you a glimpse of what’s happening. Keep an eye out in Tidings or contact the Church Office for further information.

During next few months, their will need to be some accommodation and flexibility on all our parts as we progress through the construction and renovation period, however, the end goal and benefits to be gained with a fully accessible church and new program space will be worth it!

2015-11-01. Construction will commence Monday Nov 2!

The contractor has produced a work plan /schedule of work. Based on this schedule, Cupido Construction Ltd. has advised that construction will commence at 7:00 am. MondayNovember 2. Work will commence with demolition in the Upper Clark Hall.
Tuesday November 3, the contractor will erect the security fence around the area of future addition plus an area required for the contractor to establish a work yard and material storage.
With the security fence in place Wednesday morning, the only Bath Road access will be via the wooden door by the relocate Church Office at the large parking lot, east side . The other entrance will be via the lower level lakeside door at the bottom of the lakeside stairs. Your current key for the lower Bath Road entrance will work in both of these doors.
(The lower Bath Road door will remain as a fire exit out of the building but not an entrance.)
The contractor has also advised that in addition to the demolition, another first action will be to upgrade the current external lakeside single door at the bottom of the lakeside stairs to an accessible door. This work is scheduled to utilize the good fall weather for the concrete work. This will involve the replacement of the single door with double doors, addition of a large landing outside of the double doors, a wide sloped ramp up to the landing and hand rails on both side of the ramp and landing. This accessible entrance will replace the current accessible lower level entrance on the Bath Road side.
However, this early work will temporarily remove this entrance and restrict keyed entrance to only the wooden door by the relocated Church Office. In this situation, the person with the key will enter the church, go down the stairs and open the door by the kitchen pass through in the Lower Hall. This door has a small ramp. The door can be opened by a member as other members arrive or kept open with a small block of wood located by the door. For a short time, users of the Lower Hall will experience the passage of individuals using rooms in the lower Clark Hall.
During the 6-8 month construction period it will require significant congregational and users to show understanding, accommodation and flexibility on a daily basis with one another plus with the contractor’s trades men as we all progress through the construction and renovation period. We must not let minor change / Church disruption in long established routines to cause us to lose sight of the goal and benefits to be gained with a fully accessible church and new program space.
With the commencement of the construction, we ask that you and your members not ask/direct  contractor and the sub-trades staff to do anything or change anything. All contact must be directed through the ERMUC Project Manager. As users and renters, your communications route remain unchanged, through Ms. Tanya Bax, Church Administrative Secretary who will  direct the concern through the custodian or ERMUC Project Manager.
Should you have questions or concerns, please contact the Church Administrator Ms. Tanya Bax, at 613-389-2530 or She may answer them or redirect them to the appropriate individual(s) such as the ERMUC Project Manager Paul Ireland.


  • Our Project Managers need an accurate estimate of project cash in and out over the next two years commencing in Dec 15. This will allow us to make decisions on how much to draw on our bridging loan from UCC and other sources each month in order to meet construction bills.
  • The major unknown are pledges which have not yet been fulfilled or are not on PAR.
  • We would be grateful if persons with outstanding amounts on their pledge, and not paying via PAR, could forecast when their continuing donations will be made by month and year.
  • Please communicate your plan to either: or the church office at 613-389-2530. Questions can be directed to the same contacts or speak to Christopher Sproule.
  • There will be an email containing this information and if necessary a phone call.


I’m pleased to announce that the construction company chosen to do the work is Cupido Construction, a local firm with an excellent reputation in the design and construction community. There were six bids from various contractors for the work, and the Cupido bid was not only the lowest, but also showed the most favourable schedule of completion.

Though some preliminary work (fences erected, locator flags in place, trees removed) will happen over the next week, actual construction will begin the first week of November. Cupido hopes to complete construction by the end of May 2016.

Gordon Sinclair


At a congregational meeting on Sunday, October 18, the congregation was able to examine the financials, and ask questions or make comments on any aspect of the project. At the end of the meeting, which lasted just over an hour, the congregation voted, by secret ballot, overwhelmingly in favour of moving forward with the project, despite some cost increases. There were 150 votes cast.

This was an exciting development in the myriad steps, lasting close to ten years, all the way from dreaming what we might have sometime in the future to actually having the addition and renovations completed. The meeting of the congregation was the final step in the consultative process. From here on its full steam ahead.

Images from Sunday’s meeting

2015-10-18 Congregational meeting 7 web
2015-10-18 Congregational meeting 2 web
2015-10-18 Congregational meeting 3 web 2015-10-18 Congregational meeting 1 web 2015-10-18 Congregational meeting 4 web 2015-10-18 Congregational meeting 5 web A2015-10-18 Congregational meeting 6 web

2015-08-30 Update by Gord Bell. Click here.

2015-06-28: Update by Gordon Sinclair. Click here.

2015-05-03: Update by Gordon Sinclair. Click here.

2015-04-15: the Project Management Committee reviewed the set of 10 drawings that were submitted to the City for Site Plan Control plus the completed covering application forms and required supporting documentation. These drawings reflect the final changes to the building and to the site. These drawings have minor but very effective changes that reflect input received from a series of sources and the architects.
Accordingly, the drawings that have been on display in the Narthex will be removed and replaced with updated drawings from the set of 10. The drawings will have changes highlighted and notations added to aid understanding. The new drawings will be on display in the next couple of days and in time for Sunday Service.
The set of 10 drawings contain a number of drawings that are produced specifically for the Site Plan Control approval process and specific City Departments requirements . Tanya has been provided with a set of half sized (11 X 17) from which key drawings ( Lower Level Floor Plan, Ground Floor Plan and Wentworth Landscape Plan) can be copied for those wishing a hard copy. She also has an electronic copy but it is one Adobe file containing all 10 drawings and is 23,342 kb in size.

Alternatively, click here to view the drawings


Core sample test holes were drilled today around the periphery of the footprint of the new addition. Here are some images taken of the process.
2015-03-06 Core Sample Drilling (49) 2015-03-06 Core Sample Drilling (61) 2015-03-06 Core Sample Drilling (35) 2015-03-06 Core Sample Drilling (19)


The sod was turned in the presence of Sophie Kiwala (MPP), Mark Gerretsen (Mayor), Lisa Osanik (Councillor) and our Town Crier. Additionally, Ms Kiwala announced an award for $141, 200  from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to assist with the accessibility initiatives in the new building.Trillium-Logo

024 webs 023 webs 020 webs 018 webs 015 webs 008 webs 002 webs 007 webs 010 webs
The celebration was of course followed by cake and coffee/tea and social time in the Lower Hall.

Link to Sod Turning Ceremony, compliments of Station 14.

Link to Sod Turning Ceremony, more complete than the above.

Conceptual Plan: front view and layout upstairs/downstairs

Tuesday, 25 Nov 2014 Whig-Standard article:

A west-end church is embarking on a $1.6-million renovation and expansion.

The congregation at Edith Rankin Memorial United Church on Bath Road voted earlier this month to immediately start construction.

NORR Limited was hired to design and manage the project.

The work is to include office space for administration and clergy, a multi-use space, meeting rooms, classrooms and musical program support facilities, and the relocation of the nursery and toddler room to the main floor close to the sanctuary.

The construction is also meant to improve access to the building with an elevator, wheelchair-accessible washrooms and a covered, ground-level main entrance.

“Edith Rankin Memorial has been caring about the wider community for over 50 years and is eager to do so for many years to come,” Rev. Dr. Wayne Soble said in a statement.

“We hope this expansion of our building, and our exquisite location on Collins Bay, will make it possible for us to be a welcoming gathering spot for a variety of community and neighbourhood activities as well as an inclusive, hospitable centre where people can explore issues of life and faith in ways that are meaningful and relevant.”

A ceremonial sod-turning is set for Sunday to officially launch the construction.

“The addition to Edith Rankin will make a difference in many ways” added Gordon Sinclair, the chair of council.

“It will make a difference to those with a disability of some sort to access the church without having to negotiate steps. It will make a difference to people who worship because it will look and feel much more like a sacred space. It will make a difference to the overall ministry of the church because it will allow it to expand and diversify.”

— The Whig-Standard

At a Congregational Meeting, following the church service, those present voted overwhelmingly to support the expenditure of $1.6 million in a building program based on the conceptual plan before the congregation: 120 to 14.

2014 Campaign Brochure

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Mission Statement

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“We seek to be a welcoming community, anchored in God’s love,
challenged to sail on the winds of the Spirit, sharing the
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